To Book an appointment you can contact the surgery via telephone or come in to the practice and speak to one of our receptionist who will kindly assist in booking a suitable appointment. Alternatively if you have signed up for online access you can make appointments online.


We do ask if you are no longer able to make an appointment you inform the surgery as soon as possible so we can offer that appointment to another patient.

On average we have 300 appointments for the doctors and nurses waisted each month due to patients not attending.

Ante-Natal Care

If you are attending for the first time in your pregnancy, please tell the Receptionist. She will then arrange an appointment for you to see the midwife in the Ante-Natal Booking Clinic, which is held on a Thursday. Following your booking, you will be seen alternately by the Midwife and a Doctor throughout your pregnancy.

Anti-Coagulant Clinic

The Anti-Coagulant clinic is held for any patients who take Warfarin. You can attend the clinic for regular monitoring.

Asthma Clinic

The Practice holds a computerised and manual register of all patients with asthma. The Practice Nurse will talk to you about the service that we offer for anyone suffering from asthma in the Practice.

The Practice contacts all patients suffering from asthma to invite them in for a yearly asthma review to check inhaler technique etc. Telephone consultations are to be implemented in the near future.

Cervical Smears

It is recommended that most women have routine cervical smears taken every three years until they reach the age of 65. You will be notified by the Contractor Services Agency when your smear is due. Please telephone and make an appointment. Routine smears are usually taken by the Practice Nurse or occasionally by a Doctor if necessary.

You will be informed by the Contractor Services Agency when your result is available at the Surgery. This usually takes between four and eight weeks. If you have any queries about your result, please telephone and speak to the Practice Nurse.

Diabetic Clinic

The Practice has a computerised disease register for all diabetic patients. We run a Diabetic Clinic once a week, please ask a Practice Nurse for further details.

The Practice now offers a one stop clinic on a monthly basis which means that patients who have diabetes can now see the Practice Nurse, Chiropodist and Dietician altogether under one roof at the special clinic. The Practice Nurse organizes this.

Drug and Alcohol

We are in close contact with the Drug and Alcohol team. Referrals are made after discussion with the Doctor or you can self refer by ringing Gateshead recovery partnership on 0191 5947821.

Family Planning

The Doctors are able to advise on family planning during surgery hours. Repeat prescriptions for family planning can be issued after consultation with a Nurse. Emergency contraception can be provided if you see the Doctor or Practice Nurse as soon as possible and certainly no later than 72 hours (as the tablets are less effective the later you leave it).

Healthy Heart Clinic

The Practice has a computerised disease register for all patients with heart disease. If you have any heart problems or high blood pressure our Practice Nurse will talk to you about the above clinic which is held once a week.

Hospital Referrals

Referral of patients to hospital or other agencies for further investigation, care or management, is made by the health care professionals if they feel this is appropriate. Some referrals can be made via the Choose and Book route. The GP will discuss this option if they feel it is appropriate.

Minor Surgery

The doctors can perform certain minor surgical procedures in the practice. Please see one of the doctors to arrange this.

Nursing Home Reviews

Reviews are carried out on all patients residing in nursing homes, according to local guidelines and using recommended record sheets.

Palliative Care

We provide palliative care to our patients who require this, in conjunction with our colleagues in the District Nursing and Macmillan services. The doctors have an interest in palliative care and aim to provide patients with physical, psychological and social support during terminal illness.


We have a trained Phlebotomist and Health Care Assistant who can take blood from you and check your blood pressure which will enable the Nurses to concentrate on other nursing services.


The Practice arranges physiotherapy appointments for patients, who are seen at the Queen Elizabeth or Bensham Hospitals.

Smoking Clinic

Smoking cessation advice can be given by the Practice Nurses who are trained smoking cessation advisors and who can offer nicotine replacement therapy and support counselling. Appointments can be made at various times throughout the week and last 20 minutes each.

Thyroid Disease

The Practice has a computerised disease register for all patients who take thyroxine. Annual reviews are carried out of these patients when bloods are checked for thyroid function tests. Review blood tests are checked 8 weeks after a change in the thyroxine dose.

Travel and other Immunisations

The Practice offers a full range of travel vaccinations (excluding yellow fever) and travel health promotion. Patients’ immunisations status is routinely reviewed and boosters given as per immunisation schedules. Influenza vaccination clinics are provided annually by all of the nursing team.We charge for some of these immunisations, the details of which, are displayed in the waiting room.

Please make appointments at least 6 weeks prior to departure.

Well Baby Clinic

Health Visitors are available for weighing children and giving advice to parents. A Doctor is available to carry out developmental checks etc. and first immunizations. The Practice Nurse is available for other childhood immunizations.