Registrar Training

Registrars are fully qualified Doctors who are gaining more experience, under supervision in order to gain accreditation as independent GP’s. In order to gain as much different experience as possible, they usually only remain at a practice for a six months at a time.

From time to time they may request your permission to video their consultation with you.  This may be for training purposes or to prove to the accrediting body that they are ready to become GP’s.  You have the right to refuse permission at any time.  It will not affect your care in any way.  However, this is a valuable training tool, the videos remain strictly confidential and are only seen by GP’s within the practice or examiners, they are destroyed after use.

Medical Student Teaching

Across the academic year we facilitate a number of students from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. We may ask patients fro their support with the students by meeting with them and speaking to the students about their experiences of their illness.

Students often sit in with a Doctor during a Surgery.  You will always be told if a Doctor has a student sitting in with them, you always have the right to ask see the Doctor without the student, simply inform the reception team.